Brand story



To a secure sustainable mobility

Our aim is to transform urban mobility. Make our bike the easiest way for your usual trips. To achieve this quickly, we must help and engage people in the use of the electric bike. For this reason, we have designed an elegant bike and reinvent user experience to reduce your daily efforts.

We work on tomorrow's mobility

Things change ! New developments are emerging in cities. New users join bike community! For change to be possible, the electric bike must be accessible to as many people as possible. Our desire is to offer high quality & elegent bikes on sale on the internet allows to offer a fair price.


One early sketch in the Paris workshop

Born online, directly from workshops to you. Original creations thought and designated in Paris, with the obsession of life style to stay elegant during your travels. Outstanding service and impeccable quality are at the heart of our concerns. We develop a network of partners to simplify a little more every day your daily life. We our users at the center of our concerns, to offer elegant bikes combining design, comfort and a concept of connected.

lutece dessin

A convictions brand

A belief that e-bike represents a great opportunity to change mobility habits and make our cities better. It’s a perfect tool to leave the car at the garage. Revolution bike is coming!

Our Bikes

Thanks to : Florence, Maud, Thiphène, Laura, Clémentine, our mums .. Make up artists, models, partnership, ambassadors. Thanks to all who made this happen.


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Comprehensive assistance before and after the purchase

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